5-star hotels in Palma de Mallorca

Puro Grand Hotel and Palacio Can Marqués
Palacio Can Marqués and Puro Grand Hotel are 5-star hotels in Palma that have everything you want

Bright sunshine, warm winds and a crystal-clear, warm sea surround everything. This is Mallorca. Palma, its capital, is an emporium of natural and architectural beauty that has long been a magnet for tourists worldwide.

Suppose you are planning to visit this marvellous island city. In that case, a good hotel is an essential part of any travel plan. Enjoy a true oasis of comfort, luxury and attentive service in one of the 5-star hotels in Palma de Mallorca from Puro Group. 

Palma de Mallorca 5-star hotels

Have you ever thought of taking a few days off and enjoying the beach and the city simultaneously? If the answer is yes, consider your accommodation options. A magnificent 5-star hotel offers luxury alternatives that perfectly blend fun and enjoyment.

The rooms exceed aesthetic and comfort standards, designed for carefree and peaceful rest, immersed in elegance, and the perfect complement to a full day of sightseeing.

Staying in one of Mallorca's 5-star hotels exceeds all expectations. They have everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable evening: natural spaces, spas and gyms, swimming pools and gastronomic varieties for demanding palates.

We want to present you with alternatives so that your search is neither long nor tedious. Palacio Can Marqués and Puro Grand Hotel are 5-star hotels in Palma de Mallorca that have everything you want to find in one place. We are confident that we can exceed those expectations. Join us and get to know them.

Palma de Mallorca 5-star hotel: Puro Grand Hotel

Would you like to spend your holiday or a weekend in an authentic Mallorcan palace? Puro Grand Hotel is a 5-star accommodation housed in a fabulous 15th century palace. Recently refurbished, it retains the architectural beauty and elegance of its early days.

When you enter this jewel of a hotel, you will feel like you have travelled back in time. The design of its rooms has respected the essence of the original construction, and each room offers different aspects and views without losing any of the luxury and atmosphere intended.

Puro Grand Hotel is a great place to relax and pamper the body. Therapies with bees, water or plants await in the beautiful spa rooms of this hotel. A massage session amidst an ambience of natural aromas, colours and sounds can take you to another level.

We all know that one of life's pleasures is eating. The exquisite Mediterranean and international gastronomy served in the varied restaurant spaces are a delight. Each gastronomic corner offers the opportunity to taste delectable dishes in perfectly harmonised atmospheres.

Puro Grand Hotel is one of the hotels in our Puro Hotels group that strives to offer Mediterranean spaces of idyllic elegance and presentation. Discreet yet stately, this hotel in La Lonja district offers tranquillity and a central location that provides easy access to everything.

5 star hotels in Palma de Mallorca: Palacio Can Marqués

Among the 5-star hotels in Palma de Mallorca, our hotel Palacio Can Marqués, part of Puro Group, stands out. It is a marvellous Mediterranean architectural space dedicated to first-class hotel services.

Palacio Can Marqués stands out for its beautiful architecture: it is an authentic 18th century palatial residence that was home to the island's outstanding families for 300 years. Today it is a refined luxury accommodation for those who want to live the authentic experience of living in a palace. 

The perfect harmony of antique, modern and advanced technology is a hallmark of this magnificent hotel. In our rooms, you will feel the glamour and elegance of a few centuries ago during your stay in our hotel in Palma.

This palace has 13 beautifully decorated and fully equipped suites for an unforgettable experience and pleasant rest. Among these large rooms is the Riad, the largest suite in Mallorca.

As for the services offered by the Palacio Can Marqués, its delicate gastronomy and the spa and wellness areas are highlights. If you are one of those who like to have good times in the hotel, then you will feel right at home.

Regarding dining, Beatnik, The Merchants, Purobeach Palma and Purobeach Illetas are not just simple restaurants but gastronomic delights presented on a plate, with Mediterranean and global cuisine, including European, Latin American and Asian. Discover their delicious and innovative fusion food for yourself.

Puro Hotels: Experiences for your enjoyment

The hotels that make up Puro Hotels Group are designed to provide relaxation, enjoyment and fun in luxurious and comfortable surroundings, with designs that go beyond tourists' preconceived ideas about hotels.

All the hotels in our chain are close to each other, so they can share spaces and improve the guests' expectations. They are places full of history that transport you to past worlds without neglecting the latest technology.

Hotels, restaurants, spas, the beach, and the countryside. A set of spaces combining perfectly with the activities programmed to entertain each guest who comes to stay at one of the Group's hotels.

Take the chance to pamper yourself and your loved ones while having a great time in Palma de Mallorca. It is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Europe and one of the most beautiful and historic on the planet. We look forward to seeing you at our Puro Hotels!